About Us

MotorMavens is for people who want to enjoy life with their favorite car. That's what we're all about. 

Our lives revolve around car culture, travel, and photography. We are nonstop buyers of overseas car magazines even though we can't always read them (Japanese, German, Italian car mags), long-time collectors of rare steering wheels, horn buttons, deep offset wheels, fresh Kangols, hip hop mixtapes, and vintage automobilia. At the same time, we are extremely passionate about music, with a reverence for graffiti art, underground mixtapes, and street fashion.

MotorMavens is based in Los Angeles, California, but we are lucky to have lots of friends and extended family that support us worldwide. We originally came up with the idea to launch our automotive website while eating lunch at the Cracker Barrel restaurant down the street from Road Atlanta in Braselton Georgia in 2009.

We started designing and printing shirts based on things we wanted to wear ourselves. We began selling shirts at car events and the popularity of our brand grew. We definitely consider ourselves a small start up brand, but we're gaining momentum! We've been attending car events in different states and shooting photos, and sometimes we see people we don't even know rocking our shirts. It is the coolest feeling! We are so thankful for and humbled by everyone's support!

Join the movement and rep MotorMavens by rocking some of our latest gear!

Antonio from @MOTORMAVENS